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Creative Sprout | Yoga Cards

Creative Sprout | Yoga Cards

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Help your little ones move through emotions and ground themselves with The Creative Sprout Mindful Yoga Cards.

This set of 24 cards will help your little one connect with their mind and body, a powerful tool that will help them as they grow.

Our Mindful Yoga Practice Cards have been thoughtfully designed with imagery of flowers and plants to represent growth and grounding.

We believe nurturing personal growth and strength from a young age is the root system for a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Each card has an ‘imagine’ section which encourages the use of imagination in your child’s yoga practice. Imagination is a powerful tool to calm a racing mind, harnessing this tool with children is beneficial to their mental wellbeing.

Making yoga fun with creative stories helps your little one engage with each pose.

Designed & printed in Australia, A6, 350gsm card stock, rounded corners & protective matt celloglazing for durability. Packaged in an organic eco-friendly cotton drawstring bag.

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