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Boggle, Bingo & Time Games (Digital Download)

Boggle, Bingo & Time Games (Digital Download)

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Digital Download

These teacher-made games have been designed around Elle Collective's NumberDots & AlphaDots®! The entire 134 page bundle includes 3 games, each with options to easily differentiate for various abilities. Through these games, students will develop skills in the following areas: alphabet & numbers 0-20 recognition & recall, spelling and digital to analogue time conversions.

Each game file includes both coloured, black & white and blank versions. NSW foundation print has been used throughout. 

Overview & Previews

Click the following links to preview each activity!

G1 Digital/Analogue Time

Played solo or in pairs, students make a clock with their NumberDots and use the differentiated cards provided to convert time in words or digital time to analogue.

G2 Boggle

Played solo, in pairs or in small groups, students choose a game-board (based on difficulty) and fill it with AlphaDots®. Students then record all the possible words they can make using the letters. 

G3 Bingo

Played solo, in pairs, groups or as a whole class, students use their individual bingo boards to mark letters/numbers that have been selected. Letters & numbers have been colour coded so hints can be given if needed.    

Terms of Use

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