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2D Shapes Geometry Bundle (Digital Download)

2D Shapes Geometry Bundle (Digital Download)

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Elle Collective's wooden 2D Shape Puzzle Blocks sold separately. Please click here to view/purchase.

If you're looking for teacher-made geometry activities that have been designed around our 2D Shape Puzzle Blocks, look no further! This 70 page bundle includes differentiated task boards that focus on: making common 2D shapes (guided and unguided) and describing properties of 2D shapes (using age-appropriate terminology).

This bundle includes 1 x full set of coloured and 1 x full set of black & white versions of EVERY activity. NSW outcome links have also been included.

Terms of Use

  • Copyright © Elle Collective Pty Ltd
  • All rights reserved by author
  • Permission to copy for single classroom/home use only.
  • Electronic distribution limited to SINGLE classroom/home use only. Want to share? Please share the link to website and not the PDF files.

You may not:

  • Sell these in any way, this includes downloads or finished products.
  • Alter these files in any way, or remove images/footnotes from PDF files
  • Use these for commercial gain, in any form.
  • Make my products available from your site. If you feel your visitors would like these resources please refer them to this website listing. 

Please feel free to:

  • Print multiple copies for your own personal/classroom use.
  • Link this website listing from your website or social media etc.
  • Share photographs you've taken of completed  projects and post about them on your own blog with a link to this website listing.

*Where appropriate. Please refer to activity previews for more details.

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