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A-Z Animal Flash Cards
A-Z Animal Flash Cards
A-Z Animal Flash Cards
A-Z Animal Flash Cards
A-Z Animal Flash Cards

A-Z Animal Flash Cards

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Ever since Elle Collective began their educational range, Lauren (Primary Teacher & mum of 2) has been searching for the PERFECT set of A-Z flash cards. Finally, behold, the set of educational flash cards that ticks all the right boxes. 


  • Upper case & lower case on the same side (making it easy for students to recognise and familiarise themselves with all letters)
  • Easy to read font (with no fancy g's or hook a's)
  • PHONETIC flashcards, meaning each animals' name begins with each letter's beginning sound eg. g-g-gorilla not g-g-giraffe. See below for the full list of animal names.
  • Animal names included on the front (providing more opportunities for reading & discussion)
  • Realistic illustrations of both familiar and unfamiliar animals found all over our beautiful world 
  • Sort into groups eg Australian and non-Australian animals
  • Match AlphaDots ® to each card
  • Order A-Z. On the reverse of each card, the focus letter is circled amongst all letters of the alphabet, so students can see the letter's position within the alphabet very easily
  • Discuss extend learning by referring to the world map on each card, highlighting animal origins & listing other interesting facts!


  • Double-sided, 400gsm premium quality
  • Matte-laminated, making them protected from sticky fingers
  • Engaging & unique water colour illustrations
  • Includes drawer-box for safe keeping/gifting.

These are intended to be for ages 3+ with adult support and ages 6+ for independent learning. 

    Flashcards will be posted within 3 business days of ordering, unless purchased with a custom item. 

    Aa is for Alpaca
    Bb is for Bear
    Cc is for Cockatoo
    Dd is for Deer
    Ee is for Elephant
    Ff is for Fox
    Gg is for Gorilla
    Hh is for Horse
    Ii is for Impala
    Jj is for Jaguar
    Kk is for Koala
    Ll is for Lion
    Mm is for Moose
    Nn is for Narwhal
    Oo is for Otter
    Pp is for Panda
    Qq is for Quoll
    Rr is for Rhinoceros
    Ss is for Sloth
    Tt is for Tiger
    Uu is for Upland Goose
    Vv is for Vole
    Ww is for Whale
    Xx is for X-ray Fish
    Yy is for Yak
    Zz is for Zebra


      • Suitable for ages 3+
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